Terms & Conditions (new)

I have placed an order. When will my package be delivered?

Delivery time for Slovenia: 1-3 business days or depending on the conditions of the delivery service company.

Delivery time for other countries within the EU: 1-5 business days or depending on the conditions of the delivery service company.

Delivery time for other non-EU countries: The package will be dispatched from our warehouse within 1 - 3 business days.

Delivery to your address depends on the delivery service timelines for each individual country.

IMPORTANT: If you have chosen payment by bank transfer/proforma payment, your package will not be dispatched until the payment is visible in our bank accounts.

WARNING: During major promotions or sales, thedelivery time may be extended by 5 - 10 business days.

How can I track my order?

You will receive all information about your order via email.

During order preparation, you will also receive an SMS: the first one when we start preparing your order, including the package tracking number and the option to change the delivery address, date, or different pickup options (parcel lockers, delivery to a safe location, etc.).

The second SMS will be sent on the day of delivery, including an approximate delivery time.The courier will also call you before delivery.

What is the shipping cost to my location?

The exact shipping cost to your location will be calculated in the order summary on the online store.

Delivery to Slovenia: 4.25 EUR

Delivery to other EU countries: 5.99 EUR

Delivery to other countries: exact prices displayed in your checkout page.

What are the payment options for the order?

The following payment options are available:
credit card payment, cash on delivery, bank transfer/proforma payment, paypal, or cash
upon personal pickup at our warehouse location. You can choose the payment
method at checkout.

What is the return process?

You will receive a document for returns/exchanges/claims inside the package with your selected products. Please
follow the instructions in the document.

IMPORTANT! You can return the received goods
for any reason within up to 60 days of receipt. Please also notify us via email at
info@bandasy.com. When returning/exchanging items, please note:

• The goods must be unused and undamaged.

• The goods must be packaged in the original

• The return shipping costs are covered by the
buyer; we do not accept packages with cash on delivery.

Do I cover the costs of exchange(size/color/model) myself?

If there is an exchange/claim due to a product defect or due to delivery of aproduct that is not as advertised, AMKG GROUP d.o.o. covers the return costs. For all other reasons (size exchange, color exchange, etc.), the return costs are covered by the buyer. If you are a ‘’Bandasy Gold Member’’ all returns in one direction, are free.

I have sent a package forexchange/return/claim. When will I receive the exchange/return?

Returns, exchanges, and claims will be
processed within 14 days. Exceptions are during periods of major promotions/sales when the volume significantly increases. Thank you for your
patience and understanding. While processing your return/exchange package, you will also be notified by email. The average processing time for
returns/exchanges/claims is: 8 days.

Can I modify my order if I have already placedit?

If the status of your order is not yet in the "completed" phase, we can modify or adjust it. Write to us at info@bandasy.com or check options within your profile page at bandasy.com.

Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely, check your customer profile or send us an email to info@bandasy.com.

I have received my order, but the wrong size, model, or product is missing, etc. What now?

Although we strive to process and send order scorrectly, mistakes can still occur on our part. Write to us at info@bandasy.com, and we will resolve the matter as soon as possible.

I'm wondering if “this” size is right for me?

Before placing an order, PLEASE check the size chart, which is located next to or below the product description on the online store.

Are your sizes accurate?

Yes. However, please consider the possibility of deviation due to the variety of clothing models and different degrees of material stretchiness. Under the description of each product, there are also guidelines for which products we recommend choosing a larger size.

Can I pick up my package in person?

Certainly. At checkout, choose the "personal pickup at Bandasy store" option. If you did not select "personal pickup" during your order, please write to us at info@bandasy.com.

I have damaged leggings with scrunch on the back. How can we resolve the situation?

More than 90% of damages to leggings with scrunch occur due to aggressive fitting, intense stretching, and usage in a size too small. Amkg Group d.o.o. / Bandasy reserves the right to obtain information about the damaged product until the EXACT SOURCE OF DAMAGE is determined with the customer. AUTOMATIC CLAIMS FOR DAMAGED PRODUCTS ARE NOT POSSIBLE! If damage occurs, contact us at: info@bandasy.com.

I have received damaged leggings/products. How can we resolve the situation?

We do not sell products that are not 100% functional, inspected and as advertised. We inspect all products 4 times before shipping: after production, before shipping from the factory, after receiving them in the warehouse and again before shipping. Additionally, products are serially imprinted with a quality assurance device before packaging. Please note we have not recorded any serial faults in our products this far for the products you see at bandasy.com.

Do you have any active discount codes?

If discount codes are active, you can find them on the homepage of the website, on Bandasy ambassador profiles and on @bandasy_official Instagram profiles.
There are also some eastereggs hidden around the site, do you think you can find them? They look just like this one -> "DTSO"

How do I become part of the team or an Bandasy ambassador?

Follow our IG profile @bandasy_official, so you do not miss our announcements or invitations. If you want to submit your application now, write to us at info@bandasy.com: provide at least 5 pictures in sportswear, a short description of your position in the sports and social media advertising industry, and reasons why we should choose you over other applicants. Thank you.

Ican't find the answer to my question here. Where can I get some help?

No problem! Write to us at info@bandasy.com, and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible or visit our contact page.

Did you know?

What was the first product of Bandasy? That's right! Resistance "BAND"s that were handmade in Slovenia.