So, it's your first time here, and you want to know what Banadsy is all about...


If we could describe Bandasy with one sentence, it would be ''Dare To Stand Out''. Moto, chosen in 2019 when our founder Klavdija Grčman decided that the activewear market is full of bland and boring looking activewear pieces.

In her words: ''Why does everybody look the same in the Gym? Where are the colors, patterns, style and self-expression?''

As a devoted personal trainer and a personal training studio owner, she is testing new products and styles daily.

Since 2019, Bandasy has successfuly delivered over 100.000 activewear and lifestyle pieces to those, who like to take care of their look and clothing quality. Currently, Bandasy is present in more than 10 European counties and many more outside the EU. Every single product is carefuly choosen & thought through before it's added to our collections. Every single release and drop is planned months in advance as Bandasy is not driven by market trends or hype products.

Bandasy HQ is located in Koper, Slovenia, where you are always welcome to visit.

A bit of history on our HQ

In 2021, our HQ and wearhouse burned down in a massive fire caused by young kids in the neighborhood. We were on the verge of closing the company and our brand as we received no help or compensation for the loss occured. It was only months after the opening. Determined not to fail and not to accept the loss, in 60 days, we fully rebulit the HQ, our offices and wearhouse with the last funds we had. We still feel the pain today but Bandasy lives on!
Do you think that "FIRE" can burn down the prices in your basket?

The future of Bandasy – WE ARE NOT IN A RUSH!

Building a long-lasting and and impactful brand, takes years or even dacades so our focus is on customer experience, product quality and our community. We love to talk, work and cooperate with all Bandasy enthusiasts from every single county. That is why we invite you to contact us and become a member.

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